Cooling water temperatures and changing techniques

I’ve the last couple weeks we have gone from trolling the rig to now pulling Marty rigs. The river temperature has gone down quickly the last couple weeks from 54 to 44 degrees. That will change what the fish want to eat quickly.  Adjusting to this will help produce lots more Walleye’s in you boat.  The limit creek 5’10 fishing rods are my rod of choice for Marty  rigging.  This rod is very light so you get the complete feel of the fish bite this time of the year.  

We have been fishing in water depths from 8-14 ft lately.  It seemed like the colors of your baits pretty much had to have chartruse with it.   We have had some very nice eater sized walleye and sauger come to the boat.  

Now that the river is dropping you will have to bounce around a bit to find the exact depth in each area the walleye and sauger want to hang around in. Each area will vary.  The cooler temperatures outside will lower the river temperature so it will throw you a loop here and there the next week or so.  Adjustments will be a must.  

I have had many clients as of late and all of them I appreciate your business and the laughs in the boat.  I want to really point out a young lady (15 years old) named Brie.   She skipped school to go out fishing with her dad.  When she showed up to the dock she was so excited and very confident she was gonna do well.  Let me say this she was dead on with her confidence she caught her first fish about two minutes in and from there out Brie was putting a smack down on the walleye and sauger today.  It was such a great time watching her have so much fun and I’m pretty sure she really appreciated her dad treating her to a guided trip on the river.  See you next year Brie and Chris. 

I did end up doing a trip on pool 3 last week also.  We fish one of the areas for quite sometime trying three different techniques before finding the right answer.  What a great time John and Nick it was enjoyable watching you guys catch them nice fish on this date and like always I look forward to our next outing.  

Bob and Paul what a great morning trip on Thursday morning.  You gentlemen did not take long throwing a two man limit in my boat today.  Some very good stories about your other trip in Canada you shared. I love to hear about the fun times folks have in the outdoors.  

Allthough the river is dropping there is still lots of flow for this time of the year.  Be safe out there folks and keep in mind when launching out of Everts resort or any other launch you drain your trailers after loading and unloading your vessels. 

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!



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