Cooler temps equals hotter walleye bite in the fall.

Although the Mississippi River is very high for this time of the year it has not effected what the walleyes usually do this time of the year as the river temperature lowers. 

Over the last week to ten days the river has started to final drop from its high of 9.1 ft and so has our water temperature with the cooler nights.  Starting to switch up from the dragging crawlers to starting to pull minnows around and trolling the rig. Have even gotten a few pitching jigs to shorelines too where there seems to be a current seem.  

Last week Josh and Nick joined me at Everets resort on Friday morning.  We first started fishing an area Dubuque rigging and caught a few walleyes and saugers before the wind blew us off the area.  It was a fun bite while it lasted, we then set out to do some trolling the rest of the day and it was a great producer as well for us today.  It was a blast teaching you guts today and hopefully it helps you out in your future outing in the river system.  See you gentlemen next time we get out.  

Saturday morning Larry, Bob and I headed out to run the same schedule as the day before.  Larry was on a very hot bite right away Dubuque rigging on our first spot.  He even got double keepers at one point on his fishing rod at once.  I love seeing the excitement from clients when these things happen on the river.    Not sure what our count was in this date but do know we threw back many keeper sized walleyes trolling today.   Man I love this time of the year the bite can be absolutely great and the fish are eating just about everything they can to store fat for the winter. Larry and Bob fun day and I look forward to getting you two gentlemen out on March 31 st.

I have been concentrating in water depths from 4 to 8 ft as of late.   The fish are very aggressive when they bite no matter what technique your doing    

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!!

Speaking of next March guys and gals now that my business is growing for you reading this I have to take first come first serve on the spring bite so you might want to start trying to put a date together and contact me sine those last couple weeks in March and 1st coupe weeks in April get booked up so early    



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