Bite is still going strong even with the conditions

The last couple outings on the river have been going good still just need to change techniques to put fish into the livewell 

The river had been rising again and the temperatures outside have been falling steadily,  this also means most guys are outting boats away and pulling out their ice fishing gear.  Remember I said most some of us are hard core open water fisherman and never stop going out in the boat.   I do ice fish a little but not as much as I did when I was younger   

Monday Steve and Mike joined me at Everets resort and we heard out before the big cold front came in. We Steve had the hot hand today boating several fish miller rigging.  We caught most of our fish in water depths from 10 to 18 foot today.  I did notice speed was a major factor to put them in the boat. You should always pay attention to your speed when someone gets a fish hooked up.  It could make or break you that day.   Great time guys and glad you enjoyed our time on the river. 

The river has risen quite a bit fir this time of the year   We are at 7.3 ft and the water temperature is running at 40 degrees.  Clarity of the river is awesome you can see at least 12 inches if not more.  The rollers are wide open again so watch out for debree floating.    

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!!!

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