Back on the open water for first time of 2017

It's great to see the weather cooperate enough to be able to go out on the river on pool 4.  What's great about that is we have a place to launch our boats.  Everts Resort keeps the launches open just about every day of the year.  It is a luxury most fishermen don't get to have during the winter time in the Midwest.   

Tuesday,  Marty and I set out to do some searching. We looked over several areas marking fish in some and nothing in others.  We had a couple areas that were loaded with several marks on the down imaging but who knows what they were.   After a couple hours we finally got a few fish to bite, my first official fish in the boat of 2017 was a small northern pike.  

Wednesday we headed out again in the morning with the camera and checked some more areas out and what a difference that made we seen several walleyes , Gar, and red horse in those areas we marked them the previous day   After seeing this we fished these areas hoping to get them to strike but it was slow.   That my friends is winter time fishing with the clean river.  The water clarity for me was 5 foot.   

Friday I got out again and had Brad Back with me.  We fished for a few hours today and put some of those nicer fish in the boat for him and I to take home for the frying pan.  One thing I did notice when cleaning the walleyes is they had several shad in there bellies which means they are feeding you just need to be there when they are agressive.   

The flow for this time of the year is not normally 20000 cubic feet per second.  This is another reason why the river can be unpredictable. Remember ladies and gentlemen to drain your trailers when pulling in and out with your boat   

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!!!!!!

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