Another fun week with great clients in the river

Over the last week there have been lots of changes from high dirty water, to pre and post spawn Walleye and sauger. Oh yeah with some mixed in white bass large mouth and small mouth bass.  

It’s time for technique changes from pullin three ways with chubs, leeches and crawlers and also pitching jigs and throwing cranks.  You will find Walleye and sauger in several areas now with current breaks, sand bars and eddies along the shore lines as the water begins to drop from its high of 12.8 ft.  Don’t akwaya think those are only white bass chasing those river shiners along the bank the Walleye will be right up there too filling their bellies up. 

Friday the 27 th I had a couple guys named Nick and Dave join me for a half day trip.   Boy this was a shoot out between these two gentlemen on not only the fish they caught but also the smack talk in the boat.  It’s always fun as a guide to see gentlemen having this much fun out enjoying fishing on the water.   Dave and Nick it was an absolute blast on this date out on the river with you two and thank you Bill Pooler for sending these fine gentlemen to use my guide service.  I will see you boys next time we are out in the river.  

Monday:  Steve joined me at Everts Resort and off we went to catching lots of fish this morning.  Steve is a very experienced fishermen and he was putting an absolute smack down this morning on the Walleye and sauger Dubuque rigging.  It was a great time Steve and a very informational time on the water with the experience you have had on other water ways.  Keep getting at it bud I can’t wait to hear how your next journey goes.

Tuesday:  Mark, his father Dave and Steve (dark cloud) joined me for a day on pool 4 .    I mention dark cloud because after we had our first pass in an area the boys mention Steve has had some problems putting fish into the boat  well after hearing this it was a mission to brighten his day up and after a few passes Steve put a few fish in the livewell   Although Mark had the hot hand today with numbers the other two gents did get to have some fun too    Great time guys just like up on pool 2    I will see you this summer for our next journey  

Thursday:  I had the pleasure of sharing my boat with Cody and his dad     Cody decided he was gonna take his dad out for a birthday gift today    We chased big girls today with only a few of them wanting to bite today   Our biggest one gave us a brief look at the top of the water and boom off she went getting off the line   Cody and I believe she was in the 28-30 inch class fish    Oh well we may get her in the net next time for a picture.   Fun time guys and I will see you out there soon on the river. 

Friday:  Nick and Brad brought their two boys up for a trip today.   We went chasing big fish to start the day off but the Walleye would not totally commit to our baits.  We had a few times brought our chubs up to check them and the skins would be pulled back from the Walleye’s just chewing on them.   After a few hours we set out trolling the rig and then it was game on.  Brad had the hot hand then the two young gentlemen Jalen and Jake started to put a clinic on the saugers we found in an area.  Brad and Nick those are two fine young men your raising and very well behaved. Thank you for choosing my guide service today and I look forward to our next outing g with these kids.   

The river levels are starting to drop right now so things will change drastically,  you will have to search a little bit if you find the fish they will bite   Techniques will be key in getting them into the boat.  Also pay attention to your surroundings with the high water we had you will most likely see logs I placed they have never been before.  

Good luck out there guys  and gals !!!!!!

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