Another fun week on the big river

Over the last week we have made some big adjustments on the mighty Mississippi River.  I seen it coming up gradually one day to drastically the next.   When I say drastically she rose about a 1 foot and a half in a 24 hour period  that's a big shocker to the fish.   Most of the time it takes a day or two for them to adjust to these changes.   

Last Friday David and John drove over from Nebraska for an afternoon trip.   Before they got here I went out and drove around from spot to spot looking at my electronics to see if I was marking fish in these areas.   Most of them had fish in them but a couple had many marks on the locator.  That's where we started. 

All three of us had something different on our piles from plastics to half and also just hook and minnows. Each presentation had its hot period during our time out today. It was a great time in the water guys and thanks David  for bringing John over this time to experience the big river.  Look forward to another day in the future gentlemen. 

Saturday and Sunday I spent time on the river with several family members and friends on pool 8.   We set out to target Walleye's in the shallow water this weekend.

Saturday was spent with my brother Robert , my sister Linda and my brother in-law Dan.  After a little work and teaching everyone started putting fish into the boat.  Dan landed the biggest walleye and Carp of the day.    This carp was the biggest I have ever boated.    Great time with family    

Sunday Robert and I took out Dillon, Matt and Jevon( Devon ).  Again after getting the boys to quit complaining we we're not vertical jigging and teaching them to Dubuque rig they all started to put Walleye's into the boat    If I had to guess I bet we went through 4 dozen minnows today with all the swing and misses    That  makes it fun to ribb the boys a little.  Dillon got the two biggest Walleye's today in the boat.   Fun time gentlemen like always it's great to get together and have fun on the river  

The  river has crested as for now and is started to recede so the fishing should really pick up   Clarity is about a foot in most places and the water temperature is around 36.

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!



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