Another fun week fishing for walleye and sauger on pool 4

What a great week fishing on pool 4 again this week with several gentlemen. 

Thursday Meredith and I headed out of Everts Resort about 10 am.  We searched around for a little bit and found a school of walleye and sauger that seemed to be on a suicidal bite.  Meredith and I biated many keeper sized fish and also plenty of shorts today in the couple hours we fished.  Meredith is pictured below with his first walleye he got with a limit creek 5 '10 vertical jigging rod.  

Friday Larry and Meredith met me at Everts Resort at 9 am.  We were on a mission today of learning what we could about Larrys new ride for the river.  After about twenty minutes of playing with his Minn Kota Ultrex I fealt comfortable enough to do some fishing.   

We went straight to where  Meredith and I fished day before.   After verticle jigging a couple  drifts Meredith asked me if I had brought my limit creek rods with me in larrys vessel.   I said sure I did and he put his rod down and that was all he needed to do he started putting a smack down on the walleye like the day before.   He mentioned to me many times how theses rods are so sensitive compared to the other brand he was using .     Over the years I have used many a rods and by far this is one of the best I've used for verticle jigging.    Jim has a great product here and I will always have them for people to test out.  Great time on the water gentlemen and I look forward to our next adventure on the river chasing walleye and sauger.  

Monday I headed out on the river by myself in the morning.   I set out to try pitching jigs today and after going through many of colors I finally found one that the walleye and sauger wanted to bite on.  After catching many of walleye and sauger and sending pictures to Cary he finally broke and said pick me up at the dock.  Well at 12 noon Cary showed up and off we went.   After my first two casts I had two really nice sauger in the boat and then Cary caught in to what was going on and he go into a very nice sauger on his third cast.   We fished this way for a couple hours boat many walleye and sauger before the cold front came in.  After the wind changed we went to verticle and again the walleye and sauger were on a tear doing this technique too.   

It was a great time Cary getting you out on the river and thank you Julie for letting him get out.  It was fun keeping him from going home and napping all afternoon.    Hahaha Cary.   See you next time on the river and hopefully you cooked them fish up for Julie and the kids.  

The river condition are finally coming downcloser  to where they should be fir this time of the year.   The stage at redwing is 3.5 and the clarity is amazing I'm pretty sure I could see three feet right now.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!

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