All I can say is WOW !!!!

This River can be one amazing fishery.      With that being said, you might want to check out the massive walleye Travis caught when we were out last Thursday morning.  I was totally amazed at this Walleye's girth.  Never measured the girth but she was 28 1/2 inches and weighed in at an even 11 lbs.   for most folks this is a walleye of a lifetime.   Travis you did an amazing job fighting this walleye and congrats on your new personal best.   By the way she is back in the river for someone else to catch someday.    

Now to the rest of the week.   I spent most of my days this week Dubuque rigging in several areas.    We would do this for a few hours then switch to pullin three ways with original number 7 rapalas.    Colors were all over the board on what the Walleye's and saugers wanted.   My third technique was Veryical jigging plastics.    This technique produced some really nice saugers this week.   I was using Hutches sauger Slayers.   Each day depending on if it was cloudy or sunny I had to switch up me colors.   You can Get these plastics right at Everts Resort or even Four seasons in Redwing.  

The water depths we have been fishing range from 6 to 21 foot      With these water temperatures rising the fish will start to go shallow and you should be able to get them pitching plastic in the current seems.   Water temperature has made it up to 46 in my boat.   And the clarity is about 2 foot right now.  

Here are the gentlemen that have fished with me over the last week or so.  thanks for choosing to go out and fish the river with me and I hope what you learned really help your fish catching skills out in the future. 

Sunday Jason, Ryan and Jim.  Glad you gentlemen had a good family get together with me in the boat. 

Monday  Chris and Nate    Toughest bite if the week but we finally managed to find the fish to cooperate  at end of the day.    

 Tuesday   Great time with Patrick and Sydney.   What a blast to watch this young lady show her outdoor skills   She even helped clean the Walleye's 

Thursday  Travis and his father Nathan nice job on the personal best !!!!!!


What a great week everyone see you the next time on the river. 

Goid luck out there guys and gals and be safe !!!!!





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