A little ice fishing report for ya folks plus open water

With the brutally cold temperatures outside I’ve pretty much been stuck ice fishing.  Not all that bad being the wife and kids are really liking the perch I have brought home to cook up.  Plus it’s been a blast catching some jumbos.

I have been fishing in water depths Thai ranged from 3 to 8 foot for my perch.  The Walleye’s and Saugercame in depths from 18 to 21 foot.   Biggest tip I can give you this week is I have not stopped moving my jig when I see the fish show up to my flasher.  The way I look at it is if they are hungry they will hit it moving.  

I had the pleasure of taking Rob and Paul out to chase some perch this week and although the bite was slow we all managed to take home a pretty good bunch of perch to feed the families.  Rob and Paul are pictured below with a couple of their fish. It was a great time gentlemen and I’m glad you enjoyed the pickles and deer sausage on your way back home. 

Yesterday Leif and I set out to try the open water fishing out of Everts resort.  Yup the launches are wide open folks for the guys that don’t like ice fishing you can get out in the boat.  The bite for my boat was a little slow today.   I did manage to get my first fish of 2018 out of the boat that was the same as 2017 and he is pictured below in my live well.  

Water clarity on the river by redwing is 6 foot 9 inches.   I measured this out right in front of the Everts resort.   That is some very clean water for the Mississippi River.   Water temperature in most place was close to 35 up in the tail water areas.   Be patient folks things are about to start happening with the daylight lasting longer and longer.   

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!



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