10.2 feet is one rockin Mississippi river

The past two weeks have been some incredible changes on the river system for catching Walleye's and saugers. And some bonus crappies to boot.   All I can say is wow and at times it was hard to find the fish but when we did they cooperated very well.  

I have gone from trolling cranks , pitching hair jigs, Dubuque rigging to long ligning jigs to catch my Walleye's , saugers and crappies     And the white bass have been on a tear too as of late.  Water depths have ranged from 4 foot to 18 foot for my vessel   One thing to keep in mind there is A plethora of bait in the system right now    I have had plenty of shad spit up in my livewell  

the water temperatures have fallen to the mid 50's now so changing techniques is a must to put numbers into the boat. Finding that right color is going to be key to your catch rate this time of the year    Remember the water is very high and there is lots of debris floating down the system right now so be very careful with your boat and pay close attention while driving    

I would like to hank the following clients for choosing my guide service the past couple weeks.

Sarah and her husband the "Alabama slammer" from caledonia area   Sara it was my pleasure to give you a great experience on the river and to see you catch your first walleye   And also Tracy catching that 20 lb flathead catfish was a blast to see him struggle at times but achieve such a trophy fish   Great time you two .

Josh and his good buddy Max from Sweden   Max was an absolute blast in the boat with Josh.    great stories today on the boat and I look forward to next year with the Swedish fishermen   Glad I could show you guys a good time on the river with the fast rising water. 

And last but not least I had the chance to take out Don"Jim" his wonderful wife Angie and their son Hogan who is shipping out to boot camp on a week.   What a way for his parents to treat him to a guided fishing trip before he leaves the nest    One thing I can say about this day was Angie walked out on the dock today and told me she was gonna kick butt and that sh did   She pulled in many Walleye's and saugers today   It seemed she could do nothing wrong except that Don got the biggest one of the day    That was a great time and thank you letting me share this wonderful moment in your sons life with you    Hogan I look forward to another day on the water when you come home on leave in the future  good luck in you future.

Good luck out there guus and gals!!!!  





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