When the river turns dirty head to lake pepin

Since my last report the river has come up very quickly and turned real dirty.   With that being said it makes a guy adjust to the conditions and go down on lake pepin and search for some schools of fish feeding on the abundance of shad the break lines.   

Friday the 13th we had the chance to stay in the river on this day with our clarity just starting to diminish and what a great time we had on the water.   I had Daniel, Erick and Jaco in the boat today.  All three gentlemen boated several walleye today and a bonus day for Erick boating his first ever walleye.   A very nice 24 inch walleye to start his walleye fishing journey. Seeing his smile today made my day as a guide.   Jaco and Doc Daniel tied for mostfish in the boat today.  What a great time gentlemen and I look forward to next year on the water with you.  

Saturday I had James and Todd and they brought their mom Judy with them today.   Just like in early summer Todd tagged the biggest walleye today measuring out over 28 inches.   What a beast and Todd that makes it two for two on outing having the largest in the boat this season.  It was fun watching Judy catch walleyes and hearing her stories about when her dad used to take her trolling.  See y’all next year.  

Sunday through Tuesday I had Loretta, Dean and their good buddy Bob in the boat.   First day we started out on the river boating a couple walleye and sauger then I noticed the drastic change in the river this morning so we made a change and headed to the lake.   Over the three days we boated several walleye, sauger, crappie and northern pike.  What a fun three days with a great group of people.  Thank you for choosing my guide service once again this season and also next April folks.   I always look forward to the times on the water with y’all.   

Thursday, Kyle brought Warren for a business trip.   We did this last year too but we fished the river.  Today we headed straight to the lake and it was well worth it boating several walleye, sauger, and Kyle with  giant northern pike today.  Biggest thing was finding the right speed and color of crank with the water clarity changing on the lake.   It’s good I have plenty to choose from.  Fun times guys and Kyle I’ll see you later in October .  

Friday morning Nick, Dave and Josh went out on classroom mission.  Nick and Dave are on a journey to learn what they can to put more walleye into the boat when they are out on their own.  We fished the lake for half our day then switched gears and headed back up into the river.  Both places produced fish and doing different techniques was key in each area.  Biggest thing I tell these guys is boat control and confidence will make you a better fishermen.  Good luck guys and I look forward to hearing your laughs this fall in the water.  

I have been targeting mywalleye and sauger in depths that range from 6 to 15 foot.  Pay attention to your electronics they will not lie to you like some other fishermen with the fishing stories. Hahahs.  Since I switched to my Garmin 93 sv plus units I really count on them.

Again confidence is everything.  Crank bait wise I’ve used JSR 5 rapalas the most lately.  But don’t get caught up in one style as fall approaches.  These walleye have the feed bag on with the changing into fall season and water temperatures.  Throw the rods in the rod holders , sit back and watch the magic happen when she buckles over.  

Water temperature in my boat was 68 degrees as of yesterday and the clarity on the river is about 4 inches.  It will get better after it crests and starts to draw the cleaner water out of the tributaries.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!! 


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