What a fun week of ice fishing we have had

Over the last week and a half I have had some very good days on the ice and two slower days.  The question is why do these fish shut off on certain days?   

My opinion is the weather conditions with the barametric pressure changes can turn fish on and also put them into a negative mood.  I’ve seen both happen over the last week.  

Great example would be last Monday the 3 rd  I could not keep my poles in the water the bite was so quick.  Two days later I had a trip booked with Kevin, Kyle and Mike. On this day the fish would swim slowly up to your baits and then slowly swim away, I call this the negative move. We did get some for the guys to take home that day. Great time gentlemen see you in a couple weeks.  

I then went over the weekend with the bite being pretty good Saturday to again slow on Sunday. What was the diffence between these days? The pressure and all the drilling on the ice? Maybe? And then throw in the cooler air to boot. After searching for a while these days we found some fish that wanted to cooperate.  The big thing was switching from fishing in 4 foot to 8 foot during the slow bite period.  Rick, Kellen, Patrick and Brian it was sure fun fishing with you boys today and look forward to our next outing.  

Yesterday I had a trip booked with Stanley his son Garret and good friend Chris. These boys are from Texas and had never  ice fished before.  I told the gents to dress warm and I had a shanti and heater ready to go if they needed it.   Well it did not take long for Marty and I to find some cooperating fish and when the gentlemen showed up for the trip. I had showed them how to present their baits and it was game on. These gentlemen did not have time to be cold the fish kept them busy for about 4 hours.  We iced many fish and lost several too. It’s so fun trying to pull a fish through a hole in the ice hoping he does not get off coming up. Good luck deer hunting today gentlemen and I look forward to Friday’s adventure chasing big pike on the ice.  

We will ha e several dates open to guide after the weekend so feel free to give either myself or Mr Marty Hahn a call to book a trip on the ice or in the boat.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!! 


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