Walleye fishing report plus speckled trout report

Before I made an unexpected trip to virgins beach , Virginia I had some time to get out on pool 4 to target walleye and sauger.   First Marty ,his son Bridger, and I headed out for some fun on the mighty Mississippi River.

We dubuque rigged for a few hours this morning and ended up putting a pretty good batch of walleye and sauger to take home for a meal or two.  It seemed like the fish are adapting to the cleaner water conditions and concentrating on the deeper water areas   The colors of plastics has also changed a bit since my last report.   One tip I can tell ya is if you mark the fish like I have been with my Garmin then target those fish with several colors before moving on. 

Marty and Bridger as always it’s was an absolute blast having the two of you on the boat again and I always look forward to our next outing.   Good luck out in North Dakota with the perch Bridger.  

Next day out was with Rick, and Brian.   After working in my boat bunk I joined the guys and off we went to putting a smack down on some really nice walleye and even Ricks mamouth Sauger today.  It was fun in the boat again guys and I look forward to our ice fishing trip when I return from the warm weather in Va beach .  

Now to the speckled trout we got out on the Indan river in the 757 area of Virginia .   Nick joined Butch and I on Thursday last week.  We searched for a few hours until we found a nice pod of speckled trout.  Well I was at a disadvantage today with me breaking the brand new rod I bought the night before about two hours into the day.  I tied up my jig and fished the rod this way.  

Low and behold I put 13 speckled trout in the boat pitching jigs with a half a rod.  Yup the miracle of the broken rod was on my side today.   Nick and Butch also boated many fish today.  And the weather was great compared to Minnesota where my wife and kids are.   

Today, Butch and I headed out again targeting speckled trout again.  We went to the same area as we ended the other day.  Not really knowing what to expect with the tide being totally opposite as Thursday when we were last out.   After a couple adjustments and looking at the graphs I seen what I needed to and started targeting the fish I marked and wow dad and I put a smack down on the speckled trout today.  

Butch ended up getting his best number in his boat today with his court being 14 and I ended up getting 26 in the boat myself.  I personally missed at least 10-15 other bites today.  One thing I can say is those 20 plus inch specs can absolute clobber a jig and plasic.  And they are great fighters to boot.   Dad I would like to thank you for taking me out on the water and really happy your health scare hasn’t effected you from doing what you love to do and that’s fishing. 

The water depths we have been getting most of the speckled trout in range from 8-17 foot.   Water temperature is 52 degrees.   The tides down here changed every six hours so adjustments are a must here too.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!! 


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