Walleye fishing report Redwing Minnesota

The last couple weeks we have had a decent walleye bite on the river system ranging from eater sized walleye and saugers to a trophy fish here and there.   One thing I can say is the river system in general gets real busy this time of the year so keep in mind you need to have patients while navigating not only on the water but at your local boat launches too.  There is gonna be a lot of current soon on the river.  And I started seeing lots of debri starting to pass by me while in transition to another spot so be careful.    I'm hope I g the gentlemen I seen the other day hit the submerged tree coming down the main channel didn't damage their boat to badly. 

Some folks no matter how young or old they are do not have the experience as others and may be a lot slower at getting things together while at the launch.  If you know your not as experienced the worse thing you could do is pull up to the ramp and start taking your straps , transom saver and cover off your boat.   Try to make this as easy as possible for everyone and pull off to the side and get things in order before entering the ramp area so it can be easier and quicker for all anglers.   And if you see someone I need of assistance please offer to them they may not be as experienced as yourself.  

Now onto the fishing report.  In my vessel we have boat many walleye and sauger up and down the system.  We have fished from the head of the lake all the way to the dam. If you watch your electronics like I do you should be able to pin point where they are located.   Sometimes it just makes sense to pass through an area slowly and check things out before fishing it.  

Most of the fish we have gotten have come on these techniques.  Vertical jigging, pulling three ways with raps, dub rigging, and last but not least casting light blade baits on the current seems. It all depends on what you want to do to put fish into the net.  He water depths we have fished have ranged from 4-18 ft as of late. I have gotten eater sized fish in shallow water along with a couple nice dandies the last couple weeks.  The colors of my baits have changed on a daily basis.  So make sure you have an open mind.

 I buy my baits from every place y'all do including fleet farm, scheels, Four seasons sports in redwing, Hutches Jigs, Walmart and Everts resort.   Although every place doesn't have all you want each place has what you need at the time. I order fishing rods from Limit creek rod company every year also.     I'm not saying don't go deeper but I'm going off what I'm seeing on my Garmin 126 it guides me on my way each day.   

Last but not least I would like to thank everyone that chooses my guide service Riverwalleyeslayer and it's my pleasure to take y'all out on the might Mississippi River for your experience of catching the elusive walleye and sauger.  It makes guides like myself feel good when we see y'all's smiles on your faces each day we are out with you.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!!

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