Walleye and sauger fishing report

Another great week of fishing with my clients this week.  The Walleye’s and even a straggler sauger or two came victim to the dragging bite. We also got some wing dam fishing on pool 3 in over the last week and got some nice Walleye’s to cooperate throwing crank baits to the rocks. 

Saturday the 11 th Bob brought his dad Bing and his buddy, Steve met me at Everts resort to head out on the river.    After fishing our first spot and putting a couple Walleye’s in the boat we decided to head down river to try another spot.   Well thats where it all paid off the bite was on and we boated several walleye and other species.  Bing was the fortunate fishermen today boating a very nice 25 1/2 inch walleye.   Nice fish Bing!    If was a fabulous time with you gentlemen and am glad you liked the meal you took home from our outing.  See you gentlemen again in the near future. 

Thursday the 16 th I took Greg and his nephew Eli.   We headed to an area and it did not take long before Eli caught onto what we had to do to put the Walleye’s in the boat.  This kid was on fire today and you could see it with his smile. I love seeing folks enjoy theirselves on the water. Greg took a bit but he really made a late charge on the numbers and even got the biggest walleye of our outing.    What a great time guys.  

Friday,  I had John and Nick a couple gentlemen that join me every year for some walleye fishing.  After searching a couple areas we ran into a pod of walleye and sauger that wanted our presentations.   We both dragged jigs in this area and pulled bottom bouncers to get them to bite.    After putting a good number in the boat we went to cranking dams and it was not fast and furious but we managed to string a few nice fish doing this technique too.  Great time as always guys and I look forward to getting you out in October for some piglets. 

Saturday,  I had a full boat with Nate, Ora, Randy and Andrew.   We fished two key areas this morning. One thing I noticed today was don’t sit on one spot after a couple fish you need to move to the other spot then back to that one.  The fish seemed to want a break in the area but when you returned they would cooperate.  What a fun group you folks were today and lots of laughs out there.   Ora ended up being the Queen in the boat today bringing in the most keepers. Nice job young lady...  

i have been mainly dragging jigs as of late.  That’s not saying trolling the rig won’t work it’s just a technique I prefer when the water conditions will let you fish this way.  Letting the fish hold the bait for a bit was key for us to get them hooked up.  Be patient !!!   Water depths again have ranged from 2-8 ft.   

Pour river stage is at 3.1ft which has made a few ore sand bars visible and if your not familiar with an area I suggest your drive a little slower.  It would suck to have to call the insurance guy out after an outing out there.  The water clarity for me is about a foot.  Pretty darn good with all the barges running around.   

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!! 

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