Walleye and sauger fishing report

I know it has been quite sometime since I have had the time to throw up a fishing report due to being a very busy time of the year not only guiding but also deer hunting, and trying to train our new puppy Missy sippi River .   She has been a handful with her energy but things are starting to settle a little with her. And wow she loves the pheasant wings that Jevin and Dennis gave me to train her.  

Now to the fishing report.  We had been mainly vertical jigging plastics like sauger slayers that I purchase from Hutches jigs.com. I was using both 3/8 and 1/2 ounce jigs on my limit creek 5'10 fishing rods for this technique.  In my opinion these rods are best suited for vertical jigging because of the weight of them .   I can feel the lightest tick on my line when using these rods which means being successful at your catch rate.  

Another technique that had been very successful the last few weeks has been miller rigging.  This technique absolutely pit many walleye and sauger in to the boat.  And some really nice fish to boot. Biggest thing I noticed in fishing this technique was your boat speed.  This made the difference in your catch rate. Some days the walleye and sauger wanted it at .4 mph and other days all the way up to 1 mph. If you figured it out each time out you had very good success.


i have had the pleasure of taking out Mr Franz and his  grand kids over the last couple weeks.  Starting with Casandra, Brice, and Kendra.  These three live in the redwing area and are always fun to take out. And Kendra good job even if you don't want to holding up a fish for grandpas Picts for his memories.   Next is Andrew and his little brother Adam. Andrew is an up and comer in the fishing industry.  This young man seems to be dedicated to learning everything he can about it.  The boys and their dad Chad had a great time on our trip boating several walleye and sauger. With Adam catching the biggest.    Great time kids and thank you Jay for choosing my guided services for your families pleasure on the Mississippi River.  


Next up Bob and Billy.  Bob books me several times a year and his brother in law Bill comes with him.  Wow all I can tell you is these gentlemen are fun to have in the boat with their competition against each other catching walleye and sauger.  Billy started out real strong with the miller rigs boating many before Bob could even get a whiff. But hold on here once we switched to vertical jigging Bob went ona tear.   He kinda reminded me of my brother when we fish together.  Growing up that kid could kick some major butt at this technique.   And still does.  Bob an Bill I can't wait for our trips next spring.  Stay safe and healthy my friends. 

My next gentlemen I would like to thank is Mr Tim Duehlman.     This year starting in may Tim booked a trip with me with his dad.   We had a great time and Tim said he learned a lot in this trip.   Well that was the start of bigger things for my business and also Tim's.    Tim has brought many of his financial advisers out in my vessel this year and seeing these folks enjoy the time on the river and of course catching many walleye and sauger all year made my day.  Tim I am extremely thankful you took your chances at my guided service and I love to hear you tell me how helpful it is for your business too.  Keep safe and healthy and see you on the spring trips we ha e scheduled.  

The water depths I had been targeting has started to go deeper as the river temperature  cooled off.  Going from 9 foot at 50 degrees all they way down to 30 once the water temperature made it into the upper 30;s.  Water clarity as of last week was over 3 foot for my boat in the area we fished.  As of yesterday the lock and dam has been put into winter mode so the flow has switched up a bit from one side of the river to the other.  Adjust accordingly.  Be safe everyone that ventures out in the winter conditions. 

Good luck guys and gals!!!!





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