Walleye and sauger fishing report

It's been a while since I've sat down and wrote a fishing report.  Been super busy and respect for my buddies fishing the walleyes tournaments as of late is the reason.

So let's start here.  The fish are biting.  I have been jumping between both pools three and four depending on wind, water levels and clarity.  We have had lots of success dragging jigs and also pulling bottom bouncers.   Each day has been different on what they wanted between leeches or night crawlers.   I've used both floating jigs and slow death hooks as my presentation on the bottom bouncers.  (My buddy Jevin hates this technique). 

Water depth have varied between each pool,  most of my walleye have come between 2 and 8 ft of water.  When the water levels and water temps climb like they have it makes me find areas with a little more flow.  I look for these areas because it will have more oxygen for the fish plus make ambush points for the walleye to target the bait fish.   I have also fished wing dams lately due to these conditions with success.

I have had several clients in the boat lately catch their personal best walleye and even northern pike in my boat lately.  I tell folks all the time the only way your catching a fish that size is being out here when they want to bite.  Timing is everything especially since plenty of them have come after 10 a.m..  Paul 27 1/2,  Brian 28 1/4, Barry and June with their first ever walleyes., Micheal with a 25, Bradley with a 24 and his son mitchel beat him late in the afternoon with a 25 1/2.   Great catches everyone!!! 

Now to the water levels.  The river is the lowest it's been in a while so there are new objects and sand bars all over the place. Be sure you read the water as your traveling along I would hate to see you be down a boat for an extended period of time because your not paying attention.  When In doubt slow down and take your time. 

I'll try to keep up with the reports for y'all.  Hope everyone is getting out a little more now that things are relaxing a bit.  

Good luck guys and gals !!!




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