Walleye and sauger fishing report

Over the last ten days I've had some success fishing both pool 3 and pool 4.    And bonus fishing on pools 8 and 9.  

Last week I had Mike and his 13 year old son in my boat.Mike had been with me before last fall and decided to set a date to get his son out with me.  Paul was a quick learner today and that paid off dearly for the young man.   He boated several walleye and sauger today and even got himself a giant carp to end the day.   Mike I'd like to thank you and it was a blast taking you two on the water today and seeing Paul enjoy himself made my day.  

Tuesday I had Freddy, Mark,  and Scott.  We again targeted walleye and sauger on pool 3 today.   We boated several fish trolling the rig with the biggest fish going to Mark today.   She was 25 inches long and after a couple pictures of her we let her go for another fishermen to try and catch.  What a fun time today gentlemen and don't worry I've replaced that rod and reel that got the boot out of the boat into the mighty Mississippi River.   

Wednesday Bob Goldstrand joined me by himself for a half day of relief from the stress of what's going on in the world. Bob and I have fished together several times over the last couple years and I could see it today that he needed this relief.  Bob and I boated several walleye today and he took a meal home for his wife and him to enjoy.  What a fun time as always Bob and I look forward to our next trip in June.  

Friday Jay, Jerry and Terry joined me on pool 3 and we did not take long putting several walleye and sauger in the boat.   These boys seemed to be mad at the fish today with all three of them boating several fish.  If I had to guess Jay came out ahead with the nice lead he had ten minutes into our trip.  But dint get me wrong Terry and Jerry gave it a run at the end to catch up to jay.   Gentlemen like always it's a hoot to have you in the boat and always tons of stories and memories.   Thank you for choosing my guided service guys and I look forward to the next outing.  

Saturday I had my brother and river rookie Ryan in the boat for a family tounement.  The young men in the group decided to challenge us and after a week of them trash talking they took a beating with my boat doubling theirs in keepers.   Dillon, Drew and Jevin keep working at it and maybe you can take us down next month.  On a side note Ryan was reeling in a small walleye today and it got hit by a tanker northern pike.   When Robert netted the Pike he opened his mouth and the walleye shot out.  The Norther was over 40 inches long and was Ryan's personal best.  Nice job young man.  

Sunday morning Ryan, Robert and I went out looking for bigger walleyes on pool 9.  We fished several wing dams and after some searching we got into a few dandies today on Willowcat's and crawlers.  Ryan had the biggest this morning with my little brother coming in right behind him.  Nice job guys and I look forward to next time we go out.  

Trolling depths I've been fishing lately have ranged from 4 to 16 foot.  Most walleye have come in the 11 ft range.  Cranks of choice for me have been jsr 5 rapalas.  Colors of cranks have been all over the board depending on if it's cloudy or sunny.   Water clarity has been decent in the places I've fished.  My trolling speed has gone from 1.5 mph to 2 mph.   Water temperature has been rising and seems to be 61-64 degrees. Perfect for trolling cranks.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!   






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