Summer time days on the river

Over the last couple weeks the river has done everything you could imagine with changes,   Dirty, up, down mayfly hatches bigger than I've seen  and everything but stable.  She's an animal to keep up with but if you keep searching around you will be awarded with good catches some days and others maybe a little tough.   

One thing to keep in mind it is fishing and some days they want to bite better than others.  Lately I have had many folks contact me about them having problems catching fish.   All I can tell them is keep at it when it's tough.  The water temperature will start to drop soon and the bite will pick up.   Do I have a date?   Nope but it won't be long with the water levels lower now than last year at this point.  

We have been catching our walleye and sauger dragging jigs, trolling the rig and pitching jigs to shores as of late.   There is so much food out there for them right now you need to buckle down and hit an area a few times before giving up.  Water depths have ranged from 3-12 foot on the walleyes.   

Now if the walleyes don't want to cooperate there are many other species willing to bite in the river system.  We have been getting plenty of panfish as of late.  Most of them have come on crawlers.  Fishing in depths from 2-7 foot.  You can target these fish pretty much anywhere there is a little current right now. 

I would like to thank all the clients I have had the pleasure of sharing my boat with the last couple weeks. It has been a blast taking everyone out for a great time on the river. It's so fun watching y'all enjoy yourselves with the hole Co I'd thing going on.

Water clarity this week is pretty good right around a foot.  The flow is down so summertime techniques are in full swing.  Water temperature today was 75 degrees.   The daylight hours are starting to go away so it will be hard to get the water temperature to come up much higher than it is now.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!

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