Pool 4 walleye report

Now that the summer temps are dwindling down, the pleasure boat traffic will start to go away.   This will make it easier to start fishing areas on the main channel in the middle of the day.  Keep in mind that they don’t all leave the system at once.  

Last Thursday, I had the pleasusre of fishing the PepsiCo Mt. Dew event on Lake Minnetonka.  I would like to thank Erick Olsen for contacting me to do this event three years in a row now. It is such a fun event going for multi species, and it being a small tournament style event with total inches of all species as your target.   Billy Shimota pulled the win off this year, and I’d like to say congrats buddy way to go on a different body of water.  

Saturday, I had John, Jason, and Nick join me out of Everts Resort.   We did a half day trip and boated several walleye today with Nick taking big fish honors today with a very nice 27 inch walleye.  As I was cleaning the walleye after the trip, the guys cast off the dock and got two dandy Northern pike today that they took home for a meal also.   As always guys, it was fun today and nice to meet you Jason.  See you guys in October .   

Monday morning, Jay brought his grandsons Adam and Andrew.   These two young men are fun to have in the boat and also have lots of energy.   The young men and also grandpa boated several walleye today, and Jay text me afterwards and said the boys had a great day and wanted to come again soon.   As a guide it makes my day to see them enjoy their time on the water and also hear they had a great time.   Thank you Jay for picking my guided service today, and I look forward to another day with them young fellas.   

Tuesday Kenny, Dave and Phil joined me for an afternoon trip    The walleyes we’re not as aggressive today although we got a few for the gents to take home.    The trophy fish today was caught by Kenny.   He boated a very nice northern pike today that had some of the thickest teeth I’ve ever seen in a pike’s mouth.    He even got me with one of them when I was retrieving the hook out of his mouth.   We caught our fish dragging jigs today with a little trolling too.     Great time gentlemen and see you next week Kenny.   

Yesterday, Larry and Dave joined me and we had our work ahead of us with the gale force winds.   After searching a few areas today, we found a spot that had quite a few walleye in it.  Patience and boat control was the key to catching the walleye in this area today.   Larry was leading most of the day today, and boy was he digging it in to his younger brother until Dave picked out a hot crank bait and it paid off.   He caught his personal best walleye a very nice 26 incher.   What a fun time gentlemen and thanks for giving me a hard time today too it keeps me on my toes.  

Even with the rain last week, the water level has continued to drop.  That is making it interesting for getting around on the water.  Be very careful out there folks not only did I get stuck out there, but I’ve heard of several others and even barges hitting sandbars where they were not before.   

The changes are happening earlier this year with the water temp as of yesterday dropping down to 69 degrees.  This factor will mean you will need to start doing fall techniques a little early this year if it continues to drop this fast.   Don’t be afraid to fish shallow along shorelines with the minnows and other bait fish busting the shorelines as of late with the cooler water temperatures.   

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!!!!


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