Pool 4 walleye fishing report

I am finally back from all my softball travels for the summer.  Since I returned I've had a few walleye trips with some great folks.  The walleye and sauger bite has slowed a bit since I left but if you put your ti e in you can get into a few for the oil bath as Jenna from today would say.  

Jenna and her father Officer Adam joined me today at the launch by 730 a.m.   not knowing what they really wanted to chase today I asked them a few questions about fishing. Well I knew right away that these two just loved to go fishing.  It didn't matter to them what species we caught.  

We caught several species of fish today including walleye,sauger, moon eye sheep head catfish and blue Gil. I could  this young lady was having the time of her life.  She is a true outdoorsman and I can not wait to get her back out another day on the mighty Mississippi River.   And as I spent the four hours on the boat with her and her father I noticed that this kid is something special.

 She absolutely loves the outdoors and to boot this young lady is one very smart 14 year old.  She said things today that I know at 14 years old I would never of known. the words that came out of her mouth today absolutely blew my mind. " I should of read more books when I was young".   I personally can not wait to see what she does in the future with her high IQ level.   

The walleyes we caught today we're on dragging jigs with crawlers and leeches.  I am noticing we are getting lots of blue Gil's to bite now which is normal for this time of the year.  Water depths we fished went between 3 to 10 ft.  It seemed I need to be in current areas to get walleyes to bite.  Water temperature was hovering around 75 degrees today.  We should get a push of flow with the last couple good rainfalls through out the state.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!!

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