Pool 4 several species bite

Over the last couple weeks we have targeted several species on pool 4 out of Redwing Minnesota.  Yes I said several special because sometimes when those walleye don't want to cooperate we can switch gears and chase crappies and blue gil.  

Each day out lately  we started out chasing the walleyes and then a couple hours in we went out and tore into some really nice gills.  With bonus crappies to top it off.  When fishing for mixed bags we have just shortened our baits up a little to get them to cooperate.   Several times out we have gotten into some 9 inch gills.  Those are tanks and wow can these guys put up a battle at the end of your line.  

Not to take away from the walleye we have gotten some each time we have been out with there being many shorts in the system.  Folks like to take a meal home for the family and that's why we have switched it up at times. Last Monday my walleye bite was pretty good with Joe and Rick plus joes son Aaron.  Aaron showed his grandpa and dad how to put keepers in the boat today.  The kid had the hit hand.    We never switched up on this date putting a good half dozen keeper walleye in the boat to take home.  Fun day Joe hope y'all enjoyed the meal.

I also had Fred and his daughter Emily in the boat during this time period.  We boated many fish on this date including some nice walleye and some really nice gils for them to take home and share with Beverly and Fritz ideker.  I'm betting she made them fish right up and nothing went to waste with Beverly's cooking.  Emily keep up the hard work with your sports in highschool and I look forward to another day on the water with you guys.  

As the days shorten we will continue to see the water temperatures drop slowly on the system.  This means things will start to pick up with the walleye and sauger nite as we move along into the fall season.  The food slice in the system is plentiful right now so pay attention to what's happening along the banks on what you should be doing.  Try to match the bait size as your out there.  

When pan fishing I've been fishing mainly tidying between 6 and 8 foot.   However a few times I've gone shallower when I see the bait being chased hard.   When walleye fishing dragging jigs has still been best.   

Good luck out there guys and gals !!! 

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