Pool 4 Walleye fishing report

Glad to be back at it after all the traveling across the country for Helens softball tournaments.   What a difference the river stage is from when I last fished it till this week. 

Saturday the 10th I had Ott and Gene join me at Everts resort at 7 a.m.   we took off on a mission today of showing Ott some new techniques to catching walleye on the big river.  We started out dragging jigs tipped with leeches and crawlers and it was not long into our trip the boys caught in to this technique boating several walleye and a couple sauger.  Next we started trolling cranks.  

The good thing was I was able to pick out what size crank due to a couple shad spi into my live well so I matched the size and it paid off.  We again boated several doing this technique.   It was a fun time gentlemen and I’m glad you picked my guide service to learn what to do on the river.

Monday, Jeff  and I got out for a late afternoon trip.   We fished through the rain this afternoon but it was worth it. We boated lots of eyes in the rain today.  I think they bit better during the rain.  Color did not matter on jig color today.  They were on a tear.  Jeff even got his first ever cat fish today.  Fun time Jeff see you at the softball field.  

Thursday,  Ralphael and Maureen met me for a half day trip.   What a fun couple these two were to have in the boat today.  We caught walleye today dragging jigs.  We fished several areas today to put our walleye and sauger  in the boat.  It was a great time having the two of you join me today and look forward to taking you two again.  

Friday I had the pleasure of taking Jay, Terry, and Jerry out again this year.   What a hoot these three gentlemen are. And very competitive to boot.   Terry had the hot hand today for most keeper walleye today but when we spent some time chasing giant Gil’s Jay was putting on a clinic in the back of the boat.  And not to say Jerry got his share to the boat also.  As always guys it was an absolute blast today.   Even with the sand bar reaching up and stopping us at one point.  

Saturday, Erick and his dad Phil joined me.   We did the same today on chasing walleye then getting into some Gil’s.   Erick had the hot hand doing both things today.  Phil did not disappoint in any way boating lots of smaller Gil’s and walleye.  To end our day we boated three keeper walleye at one time , I was like what an awesome finish ,   That’s a great way to end the limit.   Plus the 20 gils the guys took home too.  What a fun time guys and Phil I’m glad you gave me a hard time all day it makes me step up my game. Hahaha.  See you guys next time.

The water levels have dropped considerably lately and I want to tell you it caught me off guard the boat is at the shop now getting the impeller changed out.   Keep in mind that things really change when the water is high.  Be very careful out there.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!  


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