Mississippi River walleyes and sauger fishing report

Now that the spawn is complete in the river system you have to try and chase these walleye and sauger each day that are on the move.   Always keep in mind if you caught fish in a spot yesterday does not mean you will the next day with the walleye and sauger heading towards thief summer haunts.  
This means wing dams, lake pepin break lines, back water holes, and rock shorelines.  You can get them to cooperate doing several techniques this time of the year just pick yours and go after them.  I personally fished with three ways and bait like night crawlers, leeches ,creek chubs, and willow cats the last two weeks.   I have also casted jigs with plastics in current breaks and thrown cranks at wing dams. Every technique I have mentioned has worked lately.  

If you catch a couple walleye in an area and the bite goes away start moving around looking for another group of walleye that are actively feeding.   Keep in mind fish are like you and I they eat when they want too.  You may mark them with your electronics and it might drive you nuts that you can't get them to go. Maybe come back to that area a couple hours later and those walleye decide it's feeding time.  

The water depths I have been catching my walleye and sauger has been all over the board.  I've gotten some to bite in 3 feet of water and some in 16 feet.  It all depends on what technique I'm doing to where I'm concentrating going after them.    Water temperatures have gone from 58 last week to 53 this week due to the cooler night temperatures.  We are now on our way back up.   Yesterday we made it back to 56 degrees.  Next weeks 80 degree temps will have it warm quickly and the crank bite should go crazy.  

Everyone stay safe out there the water levels are dropping and now you will see unknown dangers that were not around last year.   Keep in mind if it don't look right slow down and creep through an area.   Dont wreck your equipment over a fish.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!





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