Mississippi River walleye fishing report

The last couple weeks the river has had several changes from dropping water levels to a little dirt rolling in and now the water rising again.  Even with all the changes the Walleye’s have been cooperating very well.  

Thursday the 23 rd I fished with a couple gentlemen from Pepsi Co. In a multi species tourney format.  When doing this type of tourney you need to be well prepared to change up techniques quickly.   After showing up to the lock and finding out we had to wait an hour and a half it changed the game plan.   We headed both to Prescott area and pitched jigs.

It did not take long and the boys starting boating sheepshead, flat head catfish, crappies and walleyes.  Filling the card with several species before going back for lunch.   Now I’m thinking at this point while eating lunch can I lock through and go to pool 4 and catch the species we needed to fill the rest of the card.  

Head down to the dock talk to Matt and Jeremy who both decided to lock through so off we went.  This was the right decision to go for the win today.  We headed down to an area to target Northern pike and got a big surprise to upgrade our rough fish category.  Three Bowfing measuring out at 66 plus inches. And a large mouth bass and Northern to boot.  It was a great time and thank you Erick Olson for the call to fish with the fine folks from Pepsi co again this year.  

Friday the 24 th we stuck this trip out in pool 4.  We mainly dragged jigs in several areas today until we found one the Walleye’s wanted to hang onto our baits.  On this date Joel ended up getting into a dandy walleye to take honors in my vessel for the day.  What a great time with you three gentlemen today and I look forward to our next outing.  

Tuesday the 28 th, now the river is seeing a change to starting to rise slowly so knowing this I start looking for areas the walleye will start to move to with the changes.   After a little searching we started boating several fish again.  But also noticing the fish were not as agressive on the strikes.  So we started letting the have it a little longer when you dealt a biter .   Bill thank you for choosing my guide service today and I look for to another time out there.

Thursday Mark and Bob joined me at Everts Resort.  We fished a couple of the areas that have produced lately with only a few takers this morning so we then went out searching for a better bite.  Mark and his new father in-law Bob starting purring some Walleye’s in the boat.  What a great time gentlemen today and Mark gets the biggest walleye in the boat again on his trip in the boat with me.  Awesome Mark and look forward to October. 

September 2 nd Larry and his wife Kelly joined me after having their breakfast in the cabin at Everts resort.   What an absolute fun couple to fish with today.  We went from Kelly not knowing how to cast an spin cast rod and reel to her outfishing everyone today.  Both her and Larry boated several fish was the day went along and seeing the competiveness between them was priceless.   They had me laughing g several time with the stories of Larry fishing and Kelly tubing at the same time.   Great time you two and glad I could teach you Kelly how to cast your pole today.  

Water temperature has been all over the place as of late ranging from 72-76.  The clarity is pretty good and the level is rising right now last I looked yesterday it was as 4.9 ft.  The flow was at 27000 cfps.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!! 




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