Mississippi River walleye fishing report

With the river finally dropping to levels more normal towards summer time, us fishermen can finally start to do some summer techniques in many places we could not wait to get at.   With that being said, while the river has dropped into it’s banks, it has also changed the clarity to its normal for summer time.  

People ask me all the time why the river was so clean when it was so high?  My answer is that when it’s that high it’s more like a filter system when it runs across the islands and grass.  We could see at least 18 to 24 inches at times over the last month, and know this week it was 8 to 10 inches at most places I fished.   It has also brought the fish together in many areas now getting the timing right to when they want to grub is the answer.  

My last few trips out started with Aaron Whitmore and one of his guys he works with named Brandon.   We trolled cranks and pulled bait today to catch our walleye and even a bonus sturgeon both species Brandon said he had never caught.  The gentlemen took some fish home to eat up that night by the time we ended our half day trip. Aaron thank you for picking my guide service today and I look forward to our next out gentlemen.  

The next day, I had the pleasure of sharing my vessel with Kyle and Scott Whitmore and their lovely wives named Amy and Melissa.  What a blast it was today with the four of you and I could not believe I seen the ladies hold fish up for pictures since they said right away in the morning they wouldn’t.   I just showed them it’s easier to do than what they thought.    Ladies I can say you two put a butt whooping on the guys this time out, With some really nice eating walleyes.  We went through a half pound of leeches on this date.   Guys thank you and I look forward to the next outing with your family.  

The next trip out was with Ellie and Dale.   Ellie got her first walleye this morning about 1 minute into our trip but it was a little short for a keeper.  After searching a couple other spots today both Ellie and Dale kept me busy with the net and going through lots of bait dragging jigs. Ellie and Dale thank you for choosing my guide service and I’ll see you two on the water soon.   Good luck fixing that wiring on the boat Dale.   

Brian, Jamie, and Nick joined me on Thursday.   We started out slow the first hour then after moving around a bit we found a spot the walleyes were biting in as we dodged the storms.  We even had a little tourney with the other two guides today.  We ended up being the winning boat with Nick catching the biggest walleye of the day at 27 inches. I couldn’t have imagined how we would of ended up today if those storms were not interrupting our plans   Absolute fun time guys and look forward to next year again.  

Saturday morning James, Mark, and Todd met me at Evert’s Resort and off we went to putting a hurt on some walleye and sauger.  We got most of our fish today dragging jigs with leeches and crawlers.   Both James and Todd hooked into their personal best walleye.  James was right about 25 inches and Todd’s 28 incher was a beast.  She had some major girth.  We pictured both fish and off they went back into the system.  Thank you Mark for your service, and thank you gentlemen for choosing my guide service.  

Water clarity is around 10 to 12 inches as I mentioned and after these latest storm that may disappear a bit. Plus the river will most likely come back up a little.   Be careful out on the water there seems to be new objects in areas that we’re not there before the river got so high.  Always remember if the walleye don’t want to bite in an area move to another this time of year.   Don’t get stuck in a rut.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!!! 


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