Mississippi River walleye and sauger fishing report

Over the last two weeks I ha e seen a huge difference in the amount of walleye and sauger that have transitioned from lake pepin to the river on pool 4.   You don't necessarily have to be close to the crowd of people at the dam.  There are lots of fish spread through the system.   The good news with this is that over the last 6 days I have seen a huge jump in the walleye that have made it besides the suicidal sauger.   

We have been fishing fishing a few different techniques to put fish into the boat.  Dubuque rigging, throwing jig and plastics, vertical blades and also throwing them.   Pulling stick baits are all producing plenty of walleye and sauger.  We have even brought a bonus sturgeon as of late. The water temperatures dropping have kicked these fish into a feeding frenzy trying to store fat for the winter.  

We have also been out catching crappies, but that bite may get a little tougher with the water temperatures dropping so fast.  All a person can do is go down and take a stab at the slabs each day.  My biggest crappie so far this fall was 14 1/2 inches.  Took a picture of her and released her for another day.   There are a plethora of 12 incher in our system this year.  

I'd like to say congrats to my brother Robert  and Ryan for winning the saugerama tourney last weekend.   Hopefully my boat is in one piece when I get down there this morning to take her out again on my afternoon trip.  Beating that group of fishermen like Peter Mart who came in second and guys like Steve Gnotke and Nate Caldwell is hard to do these are great river fishermen.  Again congrats to all that made it in the money.  

The flow has picked up as of late just a tick.  With the warmer temperatures our snow will melt and bring more flow so adjustments will be a must.  Believe in your electronics.if you are seeing the marks then fish them and figures out what they want.  Clarity is great right now.  I believe in Thursday I could see 19 inches. Water temperature is in the 40's.   

I would like to thank all my clients who have chosen my guided service and I look forward to another day out on the mighty Mississippi River with you. 

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!

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