Mississippi River pool 4 walleye fishing report

This time of the year anglers get to experience some of the best walleye bites they will in their lifetimes. With that being said that does not mean you can’t catch walleye and or sauger at other times of the year at a fast pace. 

The last two weeks have gone from a decent bite on some days to pretty much suicidal on other days.  That is exactly why I love the fishery out of pool 4.  You can also go from catching a majority of walleye one day to mostly sauger the next while the run up the river system is in full swing. 

The river system from Genoa Wisconsin which is pool 9 all the way up to Pool 2 is very healthy right now with lots of walleye and sauger being caught by several anglers. Picking the right technique each day will be your decision on how well you do.  Lately we have mainly been fishing the Dubuque rig with plastics.  Each day has been different depending on if the sun was our or it being cloudy on what colors to choose.   Experimenting never hurts to find the hottest color.

The water depths we have been mainly consentrating on have ranged from 4-18 ft.  With the higher water levels we have been experiencing it seems the fish are tucked in along the current seems in several areas. Does this mean you won’t catch a few out in the main current ? No, I have several times this week pitch a jig out into the fast current and caught fish.  Just keep in. Ind when the water temperature is cold then the fish will be lathargic.  

I would like to thank all the clients I have had the pleasure of sharing my vessel with the last couple weeks.  A couple of my clients have caught their personal best and even their first sauger they have ever boated.  What a great time gentlemen and thank you for choosing my guide service for your fun on the water.  

The water levels have receded as of late but with today’s rain it shall rise again.  Most launches will probably close down again. Hopefully it won’t last long and makes a great post spawn bite.   Be safe ladies and gentlemen on the river there will be lots of debris.

Good luck out there guys and gals!!! 


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