Mississippi River pool 4 fishing report

Over the last week I have had a few opportunities to get my boat out in the open water. I have had my new pup Mississippi River join me a couple times and she has been fun to watch enjoying the river.   Now to the fishing report. 

I have gone around to several areas with the camera looking for pods of walleye and sauger that may have moved up the system from lake pepin.  What I have noticed is that polar vortex we had that lasted two weeks slowed things down considerably.   Not seeing the amount of walleye and sauger I normally do at this time of the year is how I came up with this conclusion.  Now that doesn't mean I did not see fish.  Just not the amount I normally see at this time. 

When I did find some pods I fished the areas several times with different techniques until I found something that worked.  Those techniques included. Dubuque  rigging, vertical jigging, and pitch jigs and blade baits.  All three worked depending on the area I fished.  

Now let's talk about depths.   I seen these walleye and sauger in depths that ranged from 12 ft all the way down to 34 ft.  In my opinion these fish are in deeper water due to water clarity and cold water temps.  Which will continue to raise with the forecast I foresee for next ten days. Believe in your electronics.  I can say I found big schools of red horse carp and walleyes mixed right in with them.  So if you get a red horse you in the right area. 

Finally I would like to thank a few folks that have helped me over the past years for helping me with my guided service needs.   Marty Hahn, Brian Paulson, my brother Robert, Dillon, Drew, Rick Enright, Jevin Doershner, Nick Carroll, Jeff Hanzi, Meredith Evans, Although he has passed away Randy Stevens, Brett king, Tucker Hanson, Dean Marshall, Jim from limit creek rod company, Turk, and last but not least my good friend Ryan Denzer.  The information you give me that I share with Marty Hahn is priceless for us to do our jobs at keeping customers  on fish all year long.  May all you gentlemen catch many fish this season. 

Water clarity is close to 7 ft but with the meltage this will start to go away and that will make the fishing better. Water temperature is 34 in most places I have been.  River stage as of today was 2.7 feet.  Very low.  Be careful out there folks and enjoy your fishing adventures. 

good luck guys and gals !!!!!

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