Mississippi River fishing report

Over the last couple weeks we have watched our water levels drop below what we have seen in over three years.  Does this mean you can not catch fish?  That answer would be no.   You just need to switch gears and fish areas your not used to so you can put fish into the live well.   Or even just catch and release.   

Lets start by saying I have been uncredibly busy doing guided trips on the river system. So staying on top of a bite has not been an issue, does this mean only walleye? No .    We have been chasing panfish also on the river the last couple weeks with very good success.  Lots of bull gils in the system this year and some really nice crappies to boot.  

Fishing techniques I have done lately have gone from trolling cranks, casting light jigs, vertical jigging, and dragging jigs with night crawlers.  Everyday has been different on what I choose to do depending on the conditions of the water level to how windy it may be.  these are decisions us as guides have to make each day we hit the river and or Lake pepin.   

On September 8-10 th I had the pleasure of taking Loretta (Rita), Dean and Bob out for their annual trip with me on pool 4.  Each day we started out chasing walleye for the first half of our day then we would switch gears and chase panfish.  Each day the walleye bite was different for us.  The middle day seemed to be our best bite for the walleye with  Loretta catching not only the first but also the biggest on this date.  She always makes my day when she's in the boat I can see how much she enjoys being out in the water.

 As for the crappies, Dean has got the hot hand on these panfish. He seems to get that jig right in the zone at the right time. And Bob after a little training even at his age started getting the hang of what you need to do for putting fish into the live well.   Loretta brings me a supply of Poppycorn each visit that I can't resist to open soon as I get home and it dies not last long before disappearing in this household.   I'd lake to thank this wonderful family for choosing my guided service for you vacation.  

Next I would like to thank Tim Duehlman and his buddy Jeff for all the trips they have taken with me this year.  These two gentlemen have brought several of their clientele out with me to enjoy the river system and even catch plenty of fish for the gentlemen to take home for a meal.  I am so happy to see these folks enjoy a day out away from the office the have to sit in 8 plus hours a day.  See you Friday Tim.  

Bobby and Bill joined me a few times this year and I am glad these two brother in-laws enjoy each other company, it's always enjoyable watching you to take jabs at each other with your catches each time we go out on the water.  Bill you got the edge on this last date with not only the biggest walleye but also biggest crappie to boot.   Enjoy those filets guys.  

Last but not least I had Jon and Jill in my boat.  After about two minutes into this trip I felt like this was gonna be a fun day and that it was.  Jill was one of the most spunky woman I've ever had in my boat. And this young lady I could not get anything past her without a quick response.  All good just jokes and ribbin. She caught our first walleye throwing cranks and rocks about ten minutes in after I showed her the proper way to hold the fishing rod and how to make better casts.  Very quick listener.   After this we trolled cranks for a bit then switched gears to really test her skills chasing crappies.  

After exposing exastly what to do both her and Jon kept right up with me putting some real nice crappies into the boat.  Jon had the biggest today measuring around 13 inches.  Jill I hope you and your family enjoy the crappie filets I sent home with you and I look forward to another day of laughs with you on the water someday. Thank you both for all the laughs and it was fun watch Jon let you taste a crappie instantly after he caught it.  Lol.  

Water depths I have been fishing have been all over the board. I have caught walleye in 2 foot to 11 foot.  Crappies have mainly beef 5-14 foot depending on the weather.   The large gils have even been shallower for my boat.  The water temperature has bounced around from 62-65 degrees over the last two weeks.  The water level had dropped below the 3 foot stage so be extremely careful out there.

good luck out there guys and gals!!!!   





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