Mississippi River and Lake Pepin walleye and sauger fishing report

With the conditions changing everyday we have been from Everts resort all the way down to Maiden Rock across to Point no point  fishing several techniques to put fish into the boat.  

My clients have been great and fast learners on what to do when I teach them different techniques.  My biggest thing I try to teach is patients on the bite and when reeling a fish back to the boat.   If the fish gets off hook or breaks the line it was not meant to be.  Always keep in mind if you caught every fish that bit there would not be many left in the fishery. 

Each day is different and being able to have several rods in the boat so you can change up your techniques is a must.  We have pitched jigs, trolled cranks, pulled three ways with bait and also used lead line for trolling as of late.  Colors of cranks have been all over the board from day to day. Plus each area seemed to be a different color of choice..  

I did a trip this week that has me a little concerned with our fishery, my client Jason boated an Asian carp.  I have fished the river for about 45 years and ha e never caught one of these fish. I’ve hear they are coming up the system and it’s easier for them to do it with the very very high water conditions we have experience this year.  I’m only hoping that not many made the journey this fish made up into our system.  The MN DNR came to Colville  Park and picked it up from me  it was 27 inches long.  

I would like to thank the many clients I have had over the last couple weeks for their business and also the laughs and great stories you Have shared on my boat.  It makes my day when y’all tell me at the end of our outing how much you enjoyed the time you spent on my vessel.  

Several folks have boated very nice Walleye’s in my boat the last two weeks.   Jason boated his personal best walleye pitching an orange jig tipped with a night crawler in about 12 foot of water.  He was pitching a current seem.  

On another day Chris sanders brought Jon And Ben Espy    Ben was an absolute blast of a young fishermen and a very well behaved young man.  He boated manyfish today trolling crank baits and seeing his smile was priceless  thank you Chris for bringing them along. 

Ryan Denzer from Dakota Supply Group out of Lacrosse brought a group of gentlemen and after a little searching on this date we boated several walleye and sauger these gentlemen took home for the frying pan. It was a fun time gents as normal and I look forward to next year. 

Don brought his son Hogan for his birthday again this year and hogan invited His wonderful but very competitive girlfriend Emma.   On this date Hogan beat Dad and girlfriend and I mentioned to him he may want to lose to her sometimes of he will get the cold shoulder in the future.  Hahaha she was very fun and a great sport at the end of the day. Don thank you for choosing to bring him out on the water again with me.  

Brian Eubanks who also is a salesman from DSG of Lacrosse brought a group of gentlemen including his boss Carl who is a fun gentlemen to have on the boat.   I also had Adam and Mack in the boat.  All three gentlemen boated quite a few fish today and we also dropped many behind the boat while trolling crank baits on Lake Pepin. As always guys it’s was a blast. Hope you enjoy your walleye fillets. 

Friday morning Gary and Mike joined me and we headed south to the lake.  We fished an area trolling cranks and mike boated a very nice 22 inch walleye and a bonus 18 incher on the same pole.  What an exciting coup,e minutes we had boating this double.  Gary and Mike seemed to have a great time and it’s my pleasure teaching you something different to use in your aresenal on your future fish adventures   And congrats Mike on the personal best for the river.  See you gents in October. 

This morning Anna treated her boyfriend Corey to a guided trip for his birthday.  Well I got to say what an exciting morning for Anna boating two giants back to back and seeing her smile made my day. I’m glad I could teach you a couple new techniques Corey you can use for the future   What a fun morning and I look forward to another day with the two of you. 

The water depths I’ve fished lately are all over the board   Ranging from 6 to 21 foot depending on what technique we used.  Water clarity is still over 12 inches and the temperature has risen to 62 as of this morning.   All we need now is it to drop a couple feet and the bite should be very good.   I’m looking forward to it lowering. 

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!! 






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