Mid November walleye and sauger report

Since I got back from Deer hunting for 9 days I’ve been out in the mighty Mississippi River again with some great success.   

I have been fishing both pool 3 and 4 since November 18 th.  Each pool had its strengths in certain areas.  Most of the walleye and sauger I’ve caught have been in water depths from 10-21 foot.   Mostly Dubuque rigging with moxies and ringworms on pool 4.   Pool 3 Vertical jigged up some nice walleyes and also long-lined ringworms to catch them.   

Monday the 18 th Marty, Brett and I took out a group of gentlemen from South Carolina.    These gentlemen have never caught a walleye before so we had to teach them some things but they all seemed to catch on quickly and we ended up putting quite a few fish in the boats for them to eat for dinner.  Kevin, Doug and Johnny it was a blast taking you gentlemen out on the water and I look forward to another day in the future with y’all.   Doug nice job on the big flat head catfish to boot. 

I also had the pleasure of sharing my boat with Jay, Leif and Greg one day last week.  What a great time as always gentlemen and nice job vertical jigging up some nice walleye guys.  Your conversations are always educational for me each time we go fishing.   Jay had the biggest fish today in both walleye and sauger.  Way to stick with your plastic today for the bigger fish. 

Carl ,Jay and Jerry met me out on pool 3 and wow Jerry absolutely put a s,ack down on some fish today.  This man had a ten pound fish to boot.   It was nice to meet you today Carl and I look forward to getting you out again with these two in the future.   As always Jay and Jerry with you two gentlemen there is never a dull moment in the boat with our conversations. Great catch today boys not sure I can say I’ve had a quicker trip to a three man limit since I’ve been guiding.   18 keepers in less than 45 minutes.   Spending rest of the days catch and release was fun too including Jerry’s giant.   His smile made my day.   

Today I spent about an hour and a half on pool 4 checking a few areas out with Brian.  We caught fish in each spot with Brian catching the biggest sauger we pictured and turned loose for another angler to catch.   Way to go buddy!!!  Thanks for the help with my Garmin set up today also.   

Water temperature is between 34 and 36 degrees in most places.   Clarity is different in each pool with some places 2 foot and some ar 1 foot.  Moxies have been a good bait to use but hutches new Wally wackers put many fish in the boat too.   My favorite color so far of the Wally walker  is the ww09   Which is white glitter and purple tail and chartreuse tail.   Nice job on the colors guys.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!


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