It went from good to ugly in two days

The fishing over the last couple weeks has gone from pretty decent to a tough bite over the last two weeks.  When I say tough it all came at once at the end of this week when the muddy waters from north and west rolled into the system.

Before it happened I had the pleasure of sharing my boat with some great people and even put a couple personal best Walleye’s and even a first for a gentlemen named Case from Georgia.  

The 16th we headed out of Everts resort at about 7:30 a.m. On our first pass in a spot we got hit several times but the Walleye’s seemed to be short striking us.  It’s normal this time of the year for them to swing at your baits with their mouths closed out of anger.

 I have seen this just about every spring when the water temperatures are so cold.  As the sun got higher and it warmed the water up a little they started being a little more aggressive and Matt and his buddy started putting some nice quality fish into the boat.  What a fun day gentlemen and I do look forward to another day out on the river with you two.

Wednesday the 20th I had Jay and his grandson Andrew and Bill join me.  The bite again started out a little slow today but the Walleye’s finally came around for us with Bill having the hot hand in the boat today.  Andrew did get a couple nice Walleye’s today and watching him reel them in was exciting for myself as a guide.  It really makes my day to see everyone enjoy themselves on these nice days on the water. Fun times guys and see you next week Jay for our next adventure. 

Thursday Jim, Richard and Cody joined me. We hit a couple areas this morning before we found some walleye and sauger that wanted to cooperate.  Jim had the hot hand today with Richard coming up in a close second.  Richard even got into a nice trout today to our surprise. Again today the fish did a lot of the swing at it with their mouths closed but it did not take long and they started being more aggressive. Guys as always it was a blast having you in my vessel and I’ll see you in a couple weeks. 

Friday Bone, Jason and Keenan went out on a trip and this is the day the river started to get muddy.  It showed with the bite.  The Walleye’s are there but they just can’t see your presentation from very far away.  If you found them stay close and you will get bit. Gentlemen it was an absolute hoot and Keenan keep up the good work on being an outdoorsmen it seems you really love it like I do.

Water depths I’ve been in have ranged from 7-18 ft. To catch my Walleye’s and sauger.   As you see in the report the clarity has gone from 2 ft to 1 inch.  Meaning a tough bite. It will not take long and she will clean up and the bite will be on fire.   

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!







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