Ice fishing is starting to dwindle down but the bite is hot to bad ice will get sketchy

Over last couple weeks I’ve been doing both ice and boat.  A few times with clients both ice and boat.   I will tell you the ice bite has really picked up and it’s too bad the ice is getting sketchy getting to places with the warmer temperatures .  And that’s why we have a boating season. 

Gibb from Kansas City was in town with the kids and decided to head out on the river with me to take a break from skiing . He caught his first sauger on this date and even his first Northern pike.   We fished with jig and minnow to catch the pike and then switched to plastics to catch our walleye and sauger.  We boated several walleye and sauger today and Gibb got to take some home to Kansas City to share with his family members .  Gibb it was an absolute great day and I’m sure we will get more fishing time with your kids in the future. 

Next I had Mark and Bill in the boat and we pretty much did the same thing on this date catching many pike then chased the sauger and walleye.  Being patient today was key and the walleye and sauger switched it up on this date and wanted meat.  I won’t leave the launch this time of the year without minnows until the water temperature warms more. Fun day Bill and Go pro Mark!!!

Now to the ice fishing I have been from Winona to Hastings. Each place has had its strength and weaknesses catching perch, crappies, blue Gil.   We have fished in water depths ranging from 1 to 27 ft.  The fish are moving around everywhere this winter. We have been using minnows , spoons, tungsten jigs. Every place was different on presentation. 

The following folks I’d like to say thanks for joining me on the ice. Starting with the young man that was with me Aiden Denzer.  This kid is one determined fishermen. He hade me laugh several times running around the ice but it paid off with him catching his biggest perch 13 1/2 to date and crappie also to date being 15 inches.   We left that spot on this date and had lunch.  The boys talked me into taking them to another spot on their way home which we really put a smack down on crappie and bull gils.  What a fun time guys and I look forward to next week when you bring Carie fishing Ryan.  

I also fished with Ryan and Kellen Enright during this period and Mike Rizzo and Calvin.  What great times and memories we made gentlemen on the ice during these outings.  You gentlemen are always fun to fish with and it was. Ice to meet Calvin and him let me try out his ice gear he brought out.  Oh yeah Calvin I do have that wonder bread jig I swiped off your fishing rod.   It’s a little trick I do to the new guys that bring things I’ve never used.  Hahaha. See ya next time fella.

The river clarity is absolutely great right now but with these warmer temps the run off will finally put a small stain to it which will make the bite better soon in the boat.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!

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