How nice it was to get back on the river in a boat

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been mostly on the ice until this week.  It fealt so good to get the big Lund out for a day and also jump into Tucker’s boat for a day.  

Last week I headed down to pool 8 to fish with a large group of family members and friends.  We had a tough bite on this date but with about 30 people attending we had lots of other things going on.  We had breakfast on the ice to begin the morning that was a great treat by Jon.   Then after a few more hours we ended up grilling out brats, hot dogs and Elk burgers that Dennis Dorshner grilled up to perfection.   Most of us that ice fish don’t do meals on the ice but I’m pretty sure I won’t miss this event next winter. What a great time with everyone.   

Sunday Dennis took us pheasant hunting and what a treat that was watching Remi kick up birds.   She is such a great dog and well trained.  The kids got all 8 birds we took down today. 

 Monday morning I was able to hobble down a rock shore line and have Tucker and Reid pick me up for some great fun on the boat. We boated many fish today with plenty over the 20 inch mark. It was Reid’s first time ever on the might Mississippi River and he seemed to love it.  He should being out with a great young fishermen like Tucker this kid puts his time on the water like I always did when I was young and to this day. 

Thank you young men for the great time and inviting me to join y’all on the water today we finally got to fish together Tuck we been trying for a few years and the schedules came together on this date.   Good luck out there on your next outing and up on the St. Louis river Reid.  

Now to my trip with Ryan Denzer.   We started out Dubuque rigging and really never had to change today.  Ryan was putting a smack down on the fish to start the morning.  We did use several colors on the fish today to get them to bite it seemed like a darker plastic worked better for us.   After about 9 hours in the outside temperature of 23 degrees today I finally called her a quit but thankfully the walleyes cooperated for us.  As always Ryan it’s fun getting tot her my friend even with you snapping my rod today.   When it’s cold outside like that things will get brittle and break.   

Water clarity is very good right now. I could see at least 4 feet down.  And the river is at its lowest all winter right now as week speak.  Water temperature was right at 32-33 degrees so your lines will ice up fast.   Be ready to clean them off a lot .   Water depths we caught fish ranged from 9-25 depending on area we fished.   If you mark the fish then try many things to get them to bite. 

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!




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