Great time of the year for cameras in the water

Yesterday,   Marty and I headed out of everts resort around 930 am to do some scouting.   We went a few miles south of the resort and then all the way north doing some homework with the camera.   With the visibility in the water this is the best time of the year to play with it.   We found walleyes and saugers in a few areas and also thousands of shad.   

Most of the areas we noticed the fish hanging in ranged from 14 to 30 feet in depth.   Now with that being said some places had a few fish in them and others had quite a few.   We also found areas loaded with redhorse, sheepshead , and sturgeon.   So if your graph is reading fish they might not be what your looking for.     A coupe areas we fished that we spotted the right species they did not want our baits.   It's very frustrating to see that many fish in an area and not a strike.    

It was a great day in the water mr Hahn and I look forward to next time we get out there scouting.  The water temperature is running right around 33 1/2 degrees and the flow is still running around 13000 cubic feet per second.  That's pretty quick moving water for early February. 

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!

Mississippi River, St. Croix River, Pool 3, Pool 4, Walleye Fishing, Sauger Fishing, Red Wing, Hastings

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