From last ice days for the year to hitting it hard in the boat

Over the last couple weeks I have had an absolute blast ice fishing with some friends like my buddy Rick, his sons Ryan and Kellen.  Aiden, my brother Robert and nephew Dillon and Ryan Denzer and Carrie Ryan’s Fiancé.   We got into a very good late season pan fish bite that I could hardly wait each day to get back down to the ice and have so much fun. 

Aiden even got into a very nice 15 inch crappie his dad decided to put on the wall for him.  I can’t wait Aiden to see this mount when they finish it.   On average we were getting crappies that ranged from 10-12 inches each day with a few in the 13 inch class too.   The blue gils we were catching that we kept ranged from 8-9 1/4 inches.   Each day seemed different on what they wanted depending on the temperatures outside. We used spoons one day and tungsten jigs the next.    

I thought I was all done ice fishing on Monday  March 9 th but as I was delivering my boat for maintenance I get a call from Rick saying you better get down here one last time for some jumbo perch.   Well he did not have to do much convincing I drove right down to him and wow it was worth it the jumbos we got in a few hours was so much fun.  Thanks for the call buddy.  

What a great time with everyone ending the last two weeks ice fishing and looking forward to fishing with y’all next winter again. 

Now to the boat. Last weekend I spent fishing with my brother Robert.   We mainly dub rigged to catch our walleyes and sauger this weekend with both of us catching several nice fish over the 20 inch mark.  You got me this weekend bro on biggest but I got you on numbers so I have to get back in the boat with you to beat your biggest year to date soon. It was a great weekend with you and the family. 

Yesterday I had Steve and his two boys Ryan and Shane join me in the boat.  We started the morning out missing several bites this morning while the fish were short striking us.  By the afternoon those fish were a little more aggressive and we put several in the coffin and even threw back a couple to big to take home.   What a great time gentlemen and I look forward to next weeks adventure out on the river.  Shane had the biggest walleye today the went right at 22 inches.  Nice job Shane.  

That water level has came up over 6 ft in last week and the clarity has disappeared to a dismal 5 inches compared to 6 ft.  This doesn’t mean you can’t get them to bite, you very well can especially if that water starts to warm up.   Each day you go out have in mind you may ha e to change color of your plastics or hair.  Water temp as of yesterday was 35 degrees.  As the level crests it will clean up more however the water temperature will be crucial to getting them to bite. 

Everyone should be very vigilant on the water with the rise of debris floating down the river.  I would hate to see your day ruined after wrecking your motor on the river.  She can be rewarding and also dangerous at the same time.  Stay safe fellow anglers.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!  


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