Fins and feathers report

Over the last couple weeks the weather has changed so much I did not get out as much as I normally do.  When we did hit the ice the bite was tough most days with all the changes. We have tried gils,perch,crappie and walleyes.  Each time we caught small fish but not many.   Things will turn around soon.  

This weekend Helen and I headed down to fish for some crappies with my brother and the gang.   We had set up to do ice fish in morning then go do a pheasant hunt in afternoon.  Helen has never tried this so I figured we would not turn down the opportunity that Dennis and Jevin presented to us. 

The crappie bite was better than what I had been doing last couple times out.  The crappies were not giants but a few of them did go to the frying pan.  We did this til about noon then went to house to eat lunch and got the call from Jevin to hit the road.    

We headed to Westby Wisconsin to a hunting outfit called Badgerland.  What a great couple running this place a very organized with what we wanted to go out and do for our afternoon hunt.  After we got set up dredging through the deep drifts Remi (one of the best labs I’ve seen hunt) went to work and it did not take long and she was on the scent.  Everyone that carried a gun got shots yesterday.  

At one point my brother tried to hand me a shot gun but I told him I was there to watch Helen enjoy herself and that she did.  She got a couple birds and talked about it on our two hour ride home this morning.   She is hooked.   I love it that she has the passion for the things I loved  to do as I was growing up.  

Thank you very much Dennis and Jevin for showing us a great time and thank you to my sister in law Pam for your hospitality while we stayed at your house.  Family is everything.....

Back to fishing we fished in 22 ft of water at the fish we caught had come from 3-4 feet from bottom.   They really liked the dead sticks better for us.   Hopefully the sun being out longer can kick our warmer weather into gear soon can’t wait to get the big Lund out on the open water soon.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!!

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