End of the amazing year of 2022

The year of 2022 was as good as it gets for walleye fishing on the Mississippi River.   I had some amazing times with absolutely great clients all year.  I fished from pool 2 all the way down to pool,9 with some amazing success this year and I hope 2023 can be as good.   

Let's just say the spring season was a great time with several clients getting their personal best walleyes on the mighty Mississippi River in my vessel.  Biggest walleye went to Royal Jaros with his massive walleye weighing in at 12.6 lbs.  this walleye and Royal has what seemed to be a ten minute battle before it surfaced to the top and I believe everyone one of us in the boat dropped our jaws except Royal.   We took several photos and Royal released her to continue to do her spawning session.  What an amazing day that was.  

I have several groups of guys like Jay, Jerry, Terry and Kenny that come out with me several times a year and the fun we have never can be replaced with this group of gentlemen.  Jerry is the oldest in the group but you would never know he is in his mid 80's with his quick reactions and wit.   I believe the youngest man in this group is 71 and these gentlemen love enjoying the outdoors. I look forward to our trips gentlemen in 2023.   

I have a group of anglers from Hamburg, Iowa that come each year that have got to be the most down to earth people I know.  In 2022 we lost one of them named Dean Robinson.  Dean and I had grown close even talking all year on the phone and texting on how thing were going.   Losing a guy like Dean really hurt and made me start thinking of things that we all go through with life changing events and hope everyone I know can let things go and just get along. He was a true friend and I miss him like no other.   I'm sure glad that John and Jason have been there to help Loretta (Rita) get through the hard times.  Miss y'all, and see look forward to seeing ya in June.  

I had an unexpected booking this year with a great buddy of mine I served with in the U.S. Navy.   Bill Reiter brought his father up for two days of fishing with me.  What an amazing time sharing stories of new and our old time stories from when we served together in the late 80's.    It was fun seeing the two of them enjoy thierselves and catching their first ever walleye and saugers on our trips.  I look forward to seeing you gentlemen in June this next year and showing y'all a great time on the river again.  

Not that the guiding has ended through the winter times I still get out due to our river being open on pool four.  I have gotten out a few times in the last couple weeks and the bite has been very good for my boat.  Keep in mind if you see warmer weather around 30 degrees or better I will still take y'all out for a trip of 4 hours in winter time on my boat.   Give me a call of email, text whatever works best for you.   

Yesterday Ryan , Aiden and Nick joined me.  We did some dragging and vertical jigging of plasics and even through a red Rosie on the hook at times.  We caught walleye and sauger doing both techniques on this date.  Seemed like the water lost a little visibility yesterday compared to last week when I was out from the slow meltage.   It will clear back up quickly for the guys that like the nite bite.   Great time gentlemen and I look forward to our times on the ice here in the near future.  

I'd like to say good luck to everyone in the coming year of 2023 and I look forward to hearing of folks getting into a giant over ten pounds this coming year.  Enjoy your time on the water and have patients when spring time comes around with the other anglers out there. Not everyone has the experience as the others on the river system.  

Good luck guys and gals !!!

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