Changed my fishing location due to dirty water

This week the conditions got considerably worse on pool 4 so I decided to take the three trips I had scheduled from the Dakota Supply Group down to the area they are from.  The lacrosse pool is a good fishery as well as redwing.  A big thanks to my brother Robert  and his wife Pam on putting me up at their the house for the 5 nights.  

Monday morning we launched at 8 a.m. up the black river.  We fished an area for about 40 minutes before I decided to get away from the rough fish and go target some other current seems for some walleye.  The first spot I tried up stream in the Mississippi River produced a very big flathead catfish.   I got this tanker on 8 lb Berkeley sensation line and my limit creek smoothie fishing rod,  what a battle she gave me.  We took picture of her and let her go for someone else to battle her in the future. 

We then found a nice pod of Walleye’s that Brian and Matt started to put some in the live well.  Both gentlemen seemed to get the hang of Dubuque rigging pretty quickly today.  What a fun time with you two gentlemen today and I am glad you enjoyed yourselves on the water with me. 

Tuesday morning Big fish Tom and his two clients Craig and Jeremy jumped in the boat.  We did not have to go far today before the boys started putting a hurting on some walleye.   These three gentlemen seemed really determined to beat what we had the day before and by end of the day they did just that. Tom even got a pool 8 tanker today.   We boated several 20 inch walleye today once we found the exact target area to run through.  Tom what a trophy walleye and an absolute great time again this year with Craig and Jeremy.   See you guys next spring and hopefully on pool 4.

Friday was a little tougher bite for Micheal, Andy and Lee.   The clarity issues were the biggest obstacle on this date. Although we boated some walleye for the gentlemen to take home to have for a meal and Lee boated a 58 1/2 inch sturgeon today that took about an hour to get into the boat.  What a battle it was for Lee and this was a first for that species for him.  Great time gentlemen.  

Now I will be back on pool 4 as soon as I can find a launch to go out of   The river is supposed to crest this week so things should start to get better soon.  Water clarity is key and I stopped by today and checked it out and it’s beginning  to clean up a bit. 

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!! 

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