Another great week of fishing on pools 3 and 4 with great folks

The river condition has mostly stayed steady this week and the walleye and sauger are cooperating very nicely. At this point it seems we are getting a more aggressive bite. A lot of males dropping down the river system. Sometimes it seems like you should go check several spots with the bite being better in one spot one day and in other areas another day.  

We have caught fish trolling the rig, pitching jig and plastics, jig and bait, Dubuque rigging and also pulling three ways with bait. The water depths have been all over the board depending on which area we have fished. The bite on the lake points has also picked up lately. With the cooler temps and rain on the way this weekend you will need to adjust to the changing conditions.

Plastics that have worked in my boat this week have been pulsars, ring worms and paddle tails. The bait has changed each day between leeches and crawlers. And crank baits have been Rapale DT series, shad raps and also flicker shads, but again each day has been different on these too.  

Monday morning Kip and his 84 year old father Terry met me in Prescott and we Dubuque rigged and it did not take long before Terry caught our first fish of the day. He pretty much put over half the fish in our livewell. It was an absolute blast taking these two gentlemen out again this year always great to see a son take his dad out fishing so he can enjoy his favorite past time. See you gentlemen in the fall.  

Tuesday morning Scott and Julie Morgan met me at colville park. We got into a very nice bunch of fish trolling this morning with the two of them only taking home what they wanted for a meal. The real fun part was when we changed locations and techniques Julie caught her biggest walleye of her life time. She pulled up a spawned out 28 1/4 incher. It was great to see her smile today as she released he big girl back into the system. Scott thank you for choosing my guide service and thank you for your military service. 

Wednesday morning Jerry, Terry and Jay and I left Everts Resort at about 9 a.m. and we fished several areas, catching a few in each spot. It was a blast watching these gentlemen egg it on to each other and also fun watching Jays reaction to getting a walleye and sauger on his line at the same time. Gentlemen as always it’s a pleasure having you in my vessel and I look forward to do it in June again. 

Thursday morning Tom brought one of his buddies TY up from the Lacrosse area. We fished an area early boating many fish that we turned loose today. Trolling was our first technique this morning. We then went to pulling bait with only a few bites doing this technique today.  We also pitched jigs with bait catching several sauger ,walleye, and large mouth bass. I pulled out some cranks on one spot and Tom seemed to have that technique down boating several walleye. Fun time gentlemen and good luck down on pool 8 with these techniques Tom. I’m betting I see some DT series baits on those rods of your when I see you on the river.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!! 


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