Always pay attention to your electronic

Over the last two weeks I have noticed some changes in the walleye bite and water temperature dropping pretty quickly.    So on my days off of guiding I decided to go out and search for crappies and Gil’s.   While on this journey I was really paying attention to my electrics and came upon a load of fish in an area close to a crappie spot I was targeting.  

Low and behold those fish I located were  a really nice school of walleye and sauger.  Now to figuring out what techniques to get these fish to bite on was the challenge.   After throwing jigs, dragging jigs tipped with night crawlers and leeches and trolling cranks .  We found the right one for the conditions.   That would be trolling them up in this area.  Marty and I targeted this area and figured out what colors and what cranks to get these fish to bite quicker  

It is great having a great fishing partner as great friend  like Mr Marty Hahn to work with on the river.  I can’t thank him enough for getting me started in my guide business.  He keeps me on my toes when we fish together and always makes it a challenge for me on the water.   Thank you sir for all you do and that new boat looks very nice. 

Tuesday the 4 th I had Mike and his Dad Bob in the boat.  We started out walleye fishing today boating a few nice walleye then went out and targeted pan fish.  Mike and Bob brought in plenty of real nice blue Gil and crappies today and even a few sheep’s head to boot   Lol.    It was fun it there guys and I’m glad you learned something about the river system.   That is one amazing friend you have to book a guided trip for your birthday Mike.  Ott is a class act. 

Friday I had the pleasure of sharing my vessel with Bob Goldstrand and his buddy the magician.   We got onto a hot walleye nite this morning and limited out in no time so we again went totargeting pan fish. After searching a few areas and finding some here and there we found an area that the vertical bite for crappies was very good .   What a great time guys with Bob having the hot hand on the walleye and the magician taking too crappies honors today.  See you guys in October. 

Sunday morning Chris his father Marvin and Rick went out with me for a half day in the morning.   We again had a pretty good bite on the walleye and sauger today.   Marvin has the hot hand to start us off in the morning but at he end of our morning Rick came on strong with a couple dandy Walleye’s.    Chris got the biggest today.   What a great time gentlemen and I look forward to our next trip on the night Mississippi River.  

Monday morning Jay brought his young lady Rachel and his buddy Jerry down for a guide trip.   They met me at Everets resort at 745 am and off we went to catching walleye.   Rachel not only got ya stared today but she also brought in her person best walleye.  What a catch Rachel you rock!!!!    Not to say the other two in the boat held their own oncatching walleye and sauger.   Jerry even got his first double of his long fishing career.   And boy this man keeps me on my toes with the jokes.  What an absolute blast folks and thank you again Jay for choosing my guide service for you fun on the water.  

The river conditions have been changing everyday so keep adjusting to this.   With the rains on the way the river will begin to rise but keep in mind it usually happens this time of year so remember to go to areas you normally do when these changes happen.  Do not get stuck doing same thing over and over it will give you slow days  

Last  I looked we were at 4.3 ft and starting to rise a little.  The clarity is about 9 inches and the flow has picked up a bit.  That will change the fish location in the areas your fishing.   If it gets real dirty slow down your presentation and it should help your fish catch ratio.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!!!!





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